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Products and Suppliers

The Burnt Rock Curling Co. has a wide range of merchandise that can make the game you love so much better and more enjoyable!

FOOTWEAR: There’s a shoe to fit your budget and playing frequency. We will not oversell you…but we also won’t sell you a shoe that doesn’t meet your playing specifications.

BRUSHES AND BROOMS: There is an extensive array from which to choose, and we’ll help you pick the broom that’s right for you.

PANTS AND CLOTHING: Fashion and function meet at The Burnt Rock. Jackets, pants, sweaters, gloves- there’s a garment made for you and if we don’t stock it we can get it quickly.

ACCESSORIES: There are too many to list! Just to give you an idea…we have watches (some with HUGE numbers), jewellery, curling books, and giftware- anything a new to curling or a die-hard enthusiast may need or want.

Looking for a gift and can’t decide? We also offer gift certificates.

Since we can order in anything not in stock, here is a list of our suppliers with links directly to their sites. Simply copy down the order # of the item you’d like and we’ll do the rest.